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Book Reviews

CosmeticSurgery.com reviews Mantalk,
November 2007

CosmeticSurgery.com reviews A Little Nip, A Little Tuck,
November 2007

New Beauty reviews Mantalk, December 2006

PSP reviews Beauty in Balance, September 2006

PSP reviews Total Body Lift, September 2006

Forbes.com reviews Mantalk, September 2006

Brilliant Magazine reviews Mantalk, September 2006

Men's Edge reviews Mantalk, August 2006

Dan's Papers reviews Mantalk, July 7, 2006

Library Journal reviews Mantalk, June l5, 2006

Cosmetic Surgery News reviews Beauty in Balance, June-July issue, 2006

Cosmetic Surgery News reviews Palm Beach Perfect Skin, June-July issue, 2006

Cosmetic Beauty Magazine features Beauty in Balance in a Book Excerpt, Spring 2006

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