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Appeared in Library Journal, June l5, 2006

According to Park Avenue plastic surgeon Jacobs, the men's grooming market is a .5 billion industry and growing; with Mantalk, he hopes to help men on their journey through this maze. Questions from his patients and colleagues make up the basis of the book and topics covered within its 13 chapters range from aging and sun damage to grooming issues and various forms of plastic surgery. Each chapter contains several sections, so the presentation of information seems manageable. The book has a broader scope than do the usual men's health publications, which tend to focus on fitness and general health. Experts are gathered from many fields, including nutrition, fitness, men's health, and dentistry. Included are biographical pieces on the experts, a glossary, and an index . A valuable contribution to any consumer health collection.

- Elizabeth J. Eastwood, Mesa P.L., Los Alamos, NM

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