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Book Reviews
Cosmetic Surgery News, June-July issue, 2006

In plastic surgery, the authors, two top plastic surgeons, think it’s time for a reality check. Considering the public’s obsession with extreme makeovers, and a deluge of information about all types of rejuvenation surgeries, it is nearly impossible for a savvy consumer to acquire an honest and realistic perspective on plastic surgery. The book, Beauty in Balance, by Drs. Allen Rosen, and Valerie J. Ablaza, promises to fill the gap between television hype and the true stories of real patients which too often end up on the cutting room floor because the drama was lacking.

The surgeons offer a sensible perspective on plastic surgery as a supplemental healthy choice rather then a full body, head-to-toe reinvention. Board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Rosen and Ablaza have honed their surgical philosophy into an intelligent and practical guide for getting the best results by selecting the right procedures for you. Moreover, Beauty in Balance explores the myriad of surgical and non-surgical options, including the newest modified face lift techniques, body contouring procedures, and the pros and cons of breast enhancement. The mission of Beauty in Balance is to help the reader understand the techniques available to enhance one’s appearance without drastically changing one’s self to look like someone else.

Says Dr. Ablaza: “We wrote this guide to dispel the misconceptions and send a strong message debunking the extreme make-over myth. We also discuss the many trends and technological advancements in plastic surgery that have increased the safety and quality of procedures while preserving a beautiful balance and harmony in the patient.” Also discussed: the initial consultation, how to pay for surgery, and the psychological and physical concerns that arise with both surgical and noninvasive procedures. Beauty in Balance promises to be a definitive guide to achieving more by sometimes doing less.

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