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Dr. Peyman Solieman

Dr FrankDr. Peyman Solieman, MD
Website: www.beverlyhillsprofiles.com
Address: 9201 West Sunset Blvd. Suite M130, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone: 310.276.6800


Dr. Peyman Solieman is a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon who specializes in all things rhinoplasty. Along with his partner, Dr. Litner, Dr. Solieman has successfully treated thousands of patients, restoring their confidence in their nose and reviving their look. Besides his extensive. Dr. Solieman is known by his patients for being extremely personable and caring. He is proud to be known as a doctor who involves himself in the entire treatment of his patients, no matter the size of the procedure being performed.

Q: How does your philosophy regarding rhinoplasty differ from other surgeons in the field?

Dr. Solieman: Dr. Litner and I never get out of touch with the patient. We make sure that the patient always feels completely comfortable in our office and work hard day in and day out to refrain from having the patient being treated as another customer to our practice. Many doctors these days are focused around the money or are simply impersonal when it comes to new clients. PROFILES Beverly Hills, on the other hand, is considered a “boutique” office, so that we can focus our undivided attention to caring for the patient and create noticeable, lasting results to the best of our abilities.

Q: How do I know if I’m a candidate for rhinoplasty?

Dr. Solieman: Typically, the patients that I treat cite an imperfection in their nose that has been bothering them for some time now. Whether it be eliminating a bump in the nose, correcting a misalignment that makes the nose look curved to one side, or minimizing the appearance of wider nostrils, we can assure you that we will get you the look you want. In fact, PROFILES Beverly Hills is fully equipped with the latest technology in the field, so that we can generate a computer image of how your new nose will basically look and can work together through the software to design your nose to your preferences. The only general requirements are that the patient is in good overall health and that the nose has reached full size and maturity; we recommend that patients wait until at least 16 years of age to guarantee that the new nose is a permanent change.

Q: I have been told that I have an African American nose. Can I still get a nose job? How will this affect the outcome of my procedure?

Dr. Solieman: Yes. In general, the main feature that defines a stereotypically “African American nose” are wider nostrils and thicker skin. It is important to realize that, depending on features like your ethnic identity, different implications are available. In order to maintain the most natural, fitting look, we take into account your racial makeup and work with that image to ensure a smooth transition. Dr. Litner and I will match your new nose to your facial features and particular ethnic identity to eliminate all obvious signs that a nose job has been performed.

Q: What’s the general process for undergoing a nose job?

Dr. Solieman: The very first step is to book a consultation appointment, during which time Dr. Litner and myself will discuss with you the implications of your new nose and the steps we will take to get there on a completely personalized level. We will take into account any and all of your individual risk factors and will design a surgery to fit your specific needs. The surgery itself various in accordance to what is being done, and can range from anywhere between 1 and a half hours to over 4 hours. After surgery, you will begin your recovery period, which we will have already discussed in full detail. Dr. Litner and I will be present and available during the entire process, from start to finish.

Q: What does the recovery period you mentioned consist of?

Dr. Solieman: Recovery is typically smooth sailing after a nose job at PROFILES Beverly Hills. But, to make sure that your new nose looks as expected, this time is crucial and it is important to take an appropriate time off school or work to let your body heal properly. The first week to ten days after surgery is when you will experience the most visible swelling and bruising, so we advise that patients plan to take this time off. Pain killers may be prescribed in the beginning stages of recovery to help ease the pain and maximize patient comfort, but are not always necessary. Swelling subsides more noticeably a month after surgery and continues to slowly and gradually subside for the months following the procedure. It takes about a full year to see complete results after swelling has gone down.

Q: Are there motives to getting a nose job aside from aesthetic improvement?

Dr. Solieman: Yes. Many patients seek our help to correct a deviated septum that is altering their ability to breathe properly. All too often do we get patients who have been living with their abnormal breathing habits for far too long, and who are pleasantly surprised at the difference a nose job can make. Patients with severe allergies can also benefit from getting a nose job.

Q: I want to schedule a consultation appointment for a nose job at PROFILES Beverly Hills, but do not live in close proximity to Los Angeles. What can I do?

Dr. Solieman: We are pleased to announce that we accommodate patients from all around the state of California, from across the United States, and even on an international basis. Actually, a big portion of our clientele are patients who have heard about us in Europe, Canada, Asia, or the Middle East and have flown in exclusively for our work. As far as the initial consultation for out of town patients, we typically conduct Skype video calls so that we can discuss on a more personal level than simply speaking over the phone. We will have already arranged for your photos to be sent in to our office so we will have a working idea on what is to be done. Also, we have an exclusive concierge service designed to make the trip as easy as possible and who can help you with booking a hotel and various excursions during your time in Beverly Hills.

Q: I understand that there are two doctors who are equally acclaimed at PROFILES Beverly Hills, yourself and Dr. Litner. How does this affect your practice?

Dr. Solieman: Two trained, board certified, and highly professional doctors are always better than one. Dr. Litner may know something I don’t, or be more specialized in a certain practice, or vice versa. When we work as a team like we do at PROFILES Beverly Hills, we can catch each other’s mistakes and can add to the overall success of your surgery or treatment. And, because we met one another as residents, even before our careers even started, we know each other well enough to understand whose expertise applies in the particular treatment we are performing. You can rest assured that you have not one, but two doctors working on you with their undivided attention.

Q: So, does your teamwork with Dr. Litner apply outside the office as well?

Dr. Solieman: Actually, yes. We are partners even outside the operating room. Together, we have authored numerous books and publications on plastic and cosmetic surgery, including a book based solely on the topic of rhinoplasty.

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